Why You Need to Visit Malaysia


Of all the 5 Baktrax countries Malaysia is our favourite overall. Cambodia is growing on us for totally different reasons but Malaysia is still on top for now, and here are a few reasons you need to visit…

Why Malaysia?

Do you want the most carefree holiday in the region while still experiencing different cultures? MALAYSIA!

Because it is the easiest country to travel in. While all countries are very safe in general Malaysia also has none of the tourist traps that some places have. Getting about is on good transport on good roads. A gentle introduction to the region compared to Laos in particular at the other end of this spectrum.

We cannot fault any of the countries for friendly faces but Malaysians often go even further out of their way to assist tourists. The friendliest of the friendly.

Malaysia along with Thailand combines both modern infrastructures with historical charm yet still commands exciting exploration.

Malaysia has PENANG! Obviously, we love all the Baktrax destination but if forced to recommend only one then Penang would be it without hesitation.  Some amazing inspirational places like Luang Prabang and Hoi An in regards to the atmosphere but Penang gets the nod when you add the food equation into it.

The Best is Last

The food may be more famous in Thailand & Vietnam but Malaysia is again our pick for the best food with the locals. While all destinations in Malaysia will stir your taste buds with a choice of Malay, Chinese or Indian among others it is again Penang that gets our vote. We give 3 scores out of 10 on meals for quantity, taste, and cost and divide by 3. Malaysia gets more 10s than anyone else.  And there are 10s in every country.


Forget the hotel buffet at least once and indulge in an Indian one that includes but is not limited to; Masala or other varities of Dosai; Roti Chanai; Idly; Vardai all with a thick Coffee Tarai (tossed). Black or with sweet condensed milk (Susu).


Curry Laksa; Dim Sum or dozens of other choices.


Even more choices again from the more famous Char Koay Teow noodles to Tandoori chicken and garlic Nan bread. Go the local way with either help yourself local buffet or a point and choose one. Often served on a banana leaf and you can save on all the washing up by eating this the local way with your right hand only. Yes, curry and all other meals can be eaten like this. All for a pittance compared to back home. Wash it down with a sweet mango lassi or a cold Carlsberg beer.

Finish breakfast with a sweet roti, lunch with a cooling unique Ice Kachang or some sweet Indian goodies after dinner.

Malaysia seems to addict travelers more than the other countries after you visit once.

SAFEST, FRIENDLIEST, EASIEST TO GET AROUND IN and the BEST FOOD. Even better for the first time apprehensive but still inquisitive Asian traveller.

Why Not Malaysia?

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