The Story Behind Baktrax

Baktrax small group tours have the best of both worlds as a joint Australian-Thai operation.  Alan C. Foster is an ex-pat Aussie and as the founder, owner and Coordinator has spent most of the last 20 years on the ground in S.E. Asia planning and coordinating all the ground operations. Not many people would have better knowledge of travel at a local level in the region than Alan.

IN AUSTRALIA:  Baktrax is represented by David Vuong travel in Syndey. David has been in the travel industry for 15 years and with his own business for the last 10 years as a tour operator in the region in his own right. He is a licenced Australian travel agent (Lic.  2TA 5524). David is responsible for all payments for Baktrax tour bookings. He can also provide the entire travel package from Australia with competitive international airfares and travel insurance. He is a member of the Australian Travel Compensation Fund. (TCF).

IN THAILAND:  May World Travel, Pai, (TAT license 23/1585) is our longtime partner. May World Travel has been a trusted travel agent in the industry for almost 20 years. May provides many of our transport needs from air and train reservations among other things that are included on any of the itineraries.

So as you can see we have everything covered by experts for your safety, security and enjoyment at every step of the way.

Baktrax small group tours came into being as a result of Alans travel experiences over a number of years.

"I'm lucky and feel privileged to now be able to say, I hate airports". Not flying, just airports. Once in the air with a glass of red and a movie all is well. But the excitement of airports as such wears thin after dozens of flights. Although I still always get a bit excited when I step on the airport bus and so should you. Travel is always an adventure in itself.

Four so-called adventure tours and one non-adventure tour plus more than two years of independent backpacking led me to the conclusion that only an overland truck tour across Africa was entitled to come under the banner of true adventure travel.

I soon realised that we, the travelling public had been hoodwinked for far too long. Only because I travelled independently after my tours did I find this out. Just for starters the word Adventure is usually a misnomer. Many use the term but very few actually are. Taking a local bus, let alone a private one along a modern Thai or Malaysian freeway is hardly adventurous. Sitting on a tourist beach with your fellow countrymen, likewise.

BAKTRAX SMALL GROUP TOURS ARE NON-ADVENTURE CULTURAL EXPLORATION. With the occasional soft adventure day or two among the mix

Our itineraries focus primarily on the local people and their cultures often amid spectacular scenery or exciting cities. At the same time, you can walk in the mountains, lay on a beach or even do a bit of partying. Baktrax combines it all.

So the Baktrax idea came to fruition as we try to correct all the dinosaur travel perceptions of yesteryear.


  • Pay as little upfront as possible. ( Great marketing ploy perhaps). Then continually going into your pocket when on tour because you didn't realise very little was included in that little upfront price. Preying on your gullibility.
  • The bigger the group size the better. (Profit wise only).
  • The perception that you must see everything a country has to offer in fourteen days. GO, GO, GO.
  • You must travel hard and fast in uncomfortable vehicles and sleep in uncomfortable places just so you can call it an adventure.
  • All of the above come under the banner of adventure travel in S. E. Asia.

Under the BAKTRAX banner:

We didn't invent organised travel tours but we are trying to perfect it.

  • You pay for most things in your upfront tour price and that's the finish of it.
  • Maximum group size of eight means personalised service for all.
  • You see fewer places, but more in depth so that you can remember all of them in the years to come.
  • You will travel as slowly and as easily as possible while the emphasis will still always be on " When in Rome".

BAKTRAX: Trying to help perfect the way you see the world

Hope to see you soon.  Alan, David and May.

monkey posing for photo in Lopburi, Thailand
statue of an apsaras at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

women of the long neck karen (paduang) hill tribe in north Thailand

Nighttime picture of petronas towers in Kuala lumpar, Malaysia

Wat Po temple in Bangkok, Thailand

the great stupa in a thai buddhist temple

Rowing boat

Local Taxi

Sunset on Koh Samui, Thailand

a collection of statues of the meditating buddha

beautiful thai woman dressed for Loy Kratong in Chiang mai, thailand

ornate temple roof in Chiang Mai, Thailand

statues of ancient thai warriors

fishing boat anchored at Koh Samui, Thailand


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