12 Reasons You Need to Visit the Real Malaysia

Malaysia, along with Thailand, is where it all began for Baktrax…

Twenty-two years later it is still our favourite country in the world.  There are so many reasons you should visit Malaysia, but here are 12 for you:

1. Malaysia is probably the safest country in one of the worlds safest regions for tourists.

2. It probably has the friendliest people in one of the worlds friendliest regions.

image of group-of-indigenous-children-in-the-village-malaysia
This group of indigenous Malaysian children would welcome any traveller like their family

3. There’s no probably here; it HAS the best food in a region where there is nothing other than delicious food!

Image of a local-market-in-malaysia
Just your average local market in Malaysia

4. It has history everywhere as seen even more so in its colonial-era architecture, both Georgetown (Penang Island) and Melaka, which are both UNESCO World Heritage listed.

Image of the famous Malaysias Tugu Negara National Monument
Image of the famous Malaysia’s Tugu Negara National Monument

5. It has three cultures all rolled into one. Malay; Indian; Chinese. Malay communities along with Chinatowns and Little India’s

6. It has lots of modern infrastructure making it easy to get around while still retaining its true Asian culture. Truly Asian is actually their tourism slogan.

Image of Malaysians giving lifts to tourists
Image of Malaysians giving lifts to tourists

7. That previously mentioned best food is a choice of Malay, Indian or Chinese and what an array between the three. There is also no lack of choice in other international restaurants either. Penang is known across the country as their food capital. Locals have been known to drive the four hours from K.L. just for lunch. And K.L. isn’t short on menu choices.

8. Everything is far cheaper than in Western countries.  So this real-life experience of local culture is very affordable. So “can’t afford it” is not a valid excuse. Budget airlines to the region now also make flights as affordable as at any time since flights began.

9.Islands & beaches. From the more famous Langkawi to the lesser-known but arguably even more beautiful Pangkor Island, you’d be crazy not to visit!  Those are just a named couple too…

Image of Semporna Sabah Beach in Malaysia
Semporna Sabah Beach in Malaysia

10. While the tropical weather will be welcome to most, the Cameron Highlands will also give some cool relief among the lush tea plantations and mountain scenery.

11. Communicating with the locals is not a problem; while the three cultures speak their own languages with each other the official language is English which links everyone together.

12. FOOD FOOD FOOD! Malay food; Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kanpur; Laksa in a number local versions; Satay; Ice Kachang.  Chinese: the usual only more choices in K.L. Chinatown. Indian: the fav of many visitors.  Begin with a traditional breakfast of Masala Dosa, Roti Chanai, Vardai & idly.  Buffet point and serve restaurants for lunch and dinner the way to go after that where the choices will be eye-popping for first-time visitors.

Image of malaysian-girl-selling-local-snacks-at-the-night-street-food-in-malacca-malaysia-98853109
Image of Malaysian girl preparing local food

Never judge a book (or food court in Malaysia!) by its cover…

Who do you trust, the news or experience?

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