BAKTRAX Unique & interesting small group budget tours were created as a new and unique groundbreaking travel idea.

We were tired of the concept of dinosaur travel operators that when you visit another country you must see everything in two weeks and that you must pay a little amount up front and then find three or four times that amount again once you start your trip because very little is included.

Those bad old days of travel are gone as far as Baktrax is concerned

We know it is far better to see fewer places in detail than many in brief.

Seeing a dozen places in two weeks means you will arrive back home feeling like you still need a holiday and the memories will fade as soon as your regular routine resumes.

Travel with Baktrax will see you arrive home refreshed with lifelong memories of fabulous slow travel experiences.

All our unique & interesting small group budget tours focus on local culture, history, scenery, cuisine and most importantly cultural relations.

At the same time you will still see the important tourist attractions and for those wanting it, a relaxing beach break also.


So Baktrax has a range of great value itineraries that include some off the beaten track places as well as some of the more famous destinations but never the tourist only places.

We are not your usual tour in that we don’t treat you like robots or run with military precision.  Things are far different here with a simpler and slower way of life. We like to chill out like the locals also. You are probably a slave to your watch back home so time to relax for a while. You will most often have many choices that other operators have already decided for you. While it will be by group consensus with your coordinator having the final say if there is a choice between a train or bus you can decide after getting all the pros and cons from them after your tour starts. Want to go out and party in Bangkok? Then we will not force you to get the early bus when we have other times after a sleep in.

Baktrax travel at a relaxed pace. When we find a great place we hang around for a while and become friends with the locals. Day 2 is almost always a free day to recover from any jet lag by the pool and/or becoming comfortable in your new surroundings.  Just arrived after a long Flight? How about many hours on a bus the next day? No, we don’t want that either.

Unless it’s an overnight stop to break a long journey you will never arrive at a place late afternoon and leave the next morning like so many others do just to say ” WE WENT THERE”. “Can’t remember a thing about it but we went there.

Baktrax is definitely not go go go. Baktrax is stop, relax, see, eat, smell and converse with the locals.

This can’t be done in a few hours.

Better to see a few places in detail and remember them than to pass through a dozen or more that will be forgotten about as soon as you leave.

Most tours are available all year round.

There will be a good reason if some tours don´t run on any particular month.

All tours are guaranteed to depart once your booking and payment is confirmed with a minimum of one and a maximum of eight clients.


Every tour operator claims to offer the best value for money but usually offer no reason why. Baktrax IS the best value for money. WHY?  Because we are on the ground in Asia all the time and internet based only so we have zero office overheads. We are a small, profit sharing, group of people and we do not get paid wages as such and we don’t have dozens or even hundreds of staff members on high western wages who get paid with your money. Nor do we have agent commissions included in our prices.  So that is why we are the best value. Guaranteed!

Our upfront prices are guaranteed to be at least equal to and mostly better than any other operator in S. E. Asia today.  Add to this our transparent list of inclusions and there is no equal to our value for “YOUR” money. No one else includes as much as Baktrax. From the time you book until the time you check out of your final night’s accommodation we guarantee it will cost you less than with anybody else for the essentials. (Click on the homepage link about all inclusive for more details).


All small group tours will be accompanied by a Baktrax tour coordinator. These people are English speaking ex-pats or locals who have lived in the region for a long time and have also traveled extensively in the region.

These people are neither guides, tour leaders or nursemaids. Their job is to make sure you get exactly what you paid for. They arrange everything for you in regard to accommodation, transport, meals, and sightseeing. They make sure you get on the right bus or train.

They coordinate with the locals who take care of you. When dinner is included they pay the bill after you have eaten. They are definitely not guides as such but their advice on where to go, what to do and a myriad of other information will be invaluable to you.

Other tour leaders burn out after a few months of endless travel days and then return home. Baktrax tour coordinators are home all the time for a start and will never burn out because they are also doing what you do. When you are relaxing on a beach so are they. It’s like being paid to be on holiday at times.

And lastly, our tour coordinators are not just employees but part owners in Baktrax who get a share of the profits on top of their pay. This means they also have a further vested interest in making sure you have a great time.

On day trips we use licensed local operators who will pick you up and take you to see the sights. Your tour coordinator’s job is to make sure of this.

When trekking we use licensed local guides who grew up in the mountains and villages. These are local people who speak the local languages as well as English. These guides show you particular areas of cultural significance and will answer all your questions about the beliefs, history, and politics of these fascinating cultures.



The smallest in the industry. This means your Tour Coordinator can give everybody personal service and answer everyone’s questions.

Apart from logistical reasons or a great overnight train trip, all our travel is done in daylight hours.

We don’t save on accommodation bills by packing you off on overnight trains or buses when you could be seeing the sites during the day and sleeping in a comfortable bed at night.

Baktrax has included day tours where necessary with local operators to show you the sights in your upfront price. We give you free days to lie on a beach or stroll around local markets and shops. All these things can be done free of cost to you (unless of course, you choose to take advantage of some of the great shopping bargains of the region). If you decide you want to get more active in your free time we will offer suggestions also.


The solo price guarantees a tour will never be cancelled, and you will always get your own private room.

We cannot arrange for singles to share so please don’t ask.


Food in this region is undoubtedly a major highlight and as the locals know the best places to go we join them.

Although some meals are included you will still get some choice of where and when to eat. (Within reasonable limits of course). You will most certainly not be herded into our preferred restaurants. But as your tour coordinator will also be eating with you they will only point you in the direction of sensational food that very few tourists get to try. Sometimes the local places are the best and sometimes the tourist places. Our knowledge will see that food is usually a highlight every day. While Malaysia may have the best overall food in the region when it comes to market food Thailand claims the top spot.  Most Thai towns have fabulous dining markets to sup with the locals but two tours worth an extra mention for those who want the real thing are the ones that go to Isan in Thailand.

The indoor market in Roi Et and the outdoor street one in Mukdahan are about as good as it gets for market food anywhere in  S.E. Asia and possibly on the planet.

The weekend  kilometre+ long market along the beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan has to be seen to be believed by first time Asia travellers also.


See the link for detailed information.

Transport & Accommodation – The Facts


Your tour coordinator can arrange any optional extras for you on request. From cooking courses, meditation or massage courses to white water rafting in Pai. Any of these can be paid for by you directly to the local operator. Please inquire further with any queries in this regard.


Travel insurance is compulsory for all customers. Best bought in conjunction with your booking. Make sure it covers your particular needs (expensive cameras, cancellation charges, etc). Read the fine print first. David Vuong Travel can arrange this when you book.


The region is always warm to very hot during the day. Nights are cool to chilly all year round in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia and cool to cold in the cold season in North Thailand and North Vietnam.

Hot season is March to June

Rainy season is July to October

Cool season is November to February.

But as in most places, we can make no promises on these matters. Plan to come when you want to as the region, in general, is suitable all year round.


All accommodation, meals, drinks, transport, and transfers,( apart from arrival transfers in Bangkok & K.L), day tours, treks, sightseeing, guides and a tour coordinator as per itineraries. Vietnam & Cambodia arrival transfers are also included.


  • Once you have paid for your trip the only money you will need is for meals not included,
  • No drinks are included even when meals are, apart from water, tea and coffee with breakfast.
  • Any optional extras you may partake in on your free days are at your own expense.
  • Arrival transfer in Bangkok & K.L.


Once you have paid for your small group tour in full we will send you comprehensive pre-trip notes, packing list, etc, as well as plenty of other helpful hints on how to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Your trip starting point will be your hotel on day 1. We provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your hotel.

If you follow our pre-departure advice we guarantee a further substantial saving on the cost of your trip.

At Baktrax we go out of our way not to disturb the environment and we don’t break the law.

We are a small team with small overheads, traveling in the smallest groups at a smaller cost to you.

We hope to share these amazing slow travel experiences with you soon.


Alan C. Foster


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