Solo Travel Statistics and Trends 2020

Solo Travel Statistics and Trends 2020

People have travelled solo since travel began. Over recent years it has only increased due to accessibility; flights have never been more affordable and of course, the internet, having all the information you need. Solo travel in 2020 will only see an increase in the numbers. So why not you?


  • Solo travel now makes up 11% of the total travel market.
  • 40% of solo travellers are between 55 and 67 years of age.
  • More money, more time & more excitement are just three of the reasons for this.
  • 82% of all solo travellers are women.
  • Anecdotal observation also suggests solo girls will seek out more obscure countries and/or remote places than solo boys.


Solo Southeast Asia female travel statistics

  • A TripAdvisor survey says that 79% of women surveyed have either travelled alone in Southeast Asia or plan to do solo travel in 2020.
  • 60% say it gives them the freedom they want.
  • 62% says it makes them feel independent and more confident in themselves.
  • 65% say they feel safe with their accommodation and surroundings as long as you are aware of these surroundings and dress modestly.

Which is the safest of countries to travel in Southeast Asia?

Global Peace Index says that Malaysia after Singapore is the safest country in one of the most peaceful regions on earth. Malaysia is then followed by Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand.

It really does defy belief that untravelled people fear travel in the region.  Far far safer than back home as far as crime goes. Once you go to Malaysia you will never imagine a safer place for solo travel in 2020.

This may be the reason why Malaysia sees 27 million visitors per year.  Safest, friendliest people and with the overall best food it will continue to attract solo travellers.

Trending in 2020 travel

Apart from more solo travellers in 2020, travellers are seeking out two things they now want when travelling: slow travel and local experiences.

They have now realised that visiting numerous places for a short time is a waste of time for the most part, and now want to explore places in depth.  Arriving late afternoon after a long trip and leaving the next day makes no sense at all. A minimum of two nights and at least one full day is a minimum even when you have limited time. Special places even longer.

Travellers today also want local experiences.

They have realised that sitting in a Bangkok restaurant with other tourists eating generic Thai food can be done back home. Why spend all your holiday money doing the same thing as you do at home.   They now seek out restaurants full of only locals, away from the tourist areas so as to experience it 100%.

Likewise, they want to travel using local transport with the locals.  You can sit on a beach anywhere, but a tuk-tuk or motorbike taxi ride in Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh city is a unique experience.


Solo travel in 2020 now goes hand in hand with today’s trends of slow travel and local experiences…

Baktrax in Southeast Asia was the first tour company to think like this 21 years ago and still does today.  Get even further off the beaten track. Head to Ban Lung and Sen Monorom in Cambodia or Lumut and Pangkor island in Malaysia among other many lesser-known destinations.

All tours encompass at least some of this ideology with some more than others. Even when we visit the must-see places we often stay away from the full-on tourist areas.

Check out our Solo at 60 Tours.  Get in touch, let us do the hard work and book today.

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