4 Reasons You Need to Travel Solo Over 60

Reasons to Travel Solo Over 60

There are a number of reasons why you should travel solo over 60 or at any age.  The only reason for stopping people over 60 travelling solo is their mindset or health.  If you want to travel at this age you will have far more life experiences already, to help you, than the 20-year-olds who take off in their millions. There is no reason not to if you are travel minded.

1. Age or status is never a barrier in itself

If you are healthy you can continue or start to enjoy travelling. Why not? Illogical fear is the only other reason. You will soon find out that most countries are far safer than yours.

There are lots of people in cemeteries who never even left their own backyards. Join an organised tour if you need further peace of mind to travel solo over 60. No excuses.

2. Freedom to do as you please

This is one of the best reasons you should travel solo at 60.  You can do anything you want without having to worry about anyone else.

Want Indian food when your offsider wants Chinese?  The only benefit of having a partner is to look after your bags when you need to use a public toilet.   Hardly a reason to stay at home though.

3. Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest by seeing the world?

Has there ever been a traveller who regretted going overseas? It is so rewarding for the self-ego alone and the best education on earth and as we all know you should never stop learning.  Travel will show you so many different things. No two countries are alike let alone continents.

Yet so many regret that they never travelled. So at 60 and solo, it is never too late.  You just need the determination to book and pack.

Ok, maybe you can’t carry a backpack any more but suitcases on wheels have made things easy.

On an organised tour, things are even easier.   No other bookings are needed as it is all done for you.  Turn up and a bed is waiting for you and you did not have to do a minutes work to secure it.

So many over-60s are travelling solo so why not you?   Even if it the first time you have ever left home. It really is never too late.  Next year maybe though…

4. Addiction to Travel

Ask yourself why so many people are addicted to travel?  Then you will understand why there is a good reason why you should travel solo at 60.

The travel bug is so enjoyable in so many ways.  And not one bad thing against it.

Freedom of body & spirit.

Never ever boring, unlike back home.  Watch TV every day back home or visit Angkor Wat after experiencing a Tuk Tuk through the chaos of the Bangkok traffic. You think you have traffic jams back home?  Bangkok will let you experience a real jam. If you are not already addicted you still can be at 60 or any other age. One of the healthiest addictions.


There are so many reasons you should travel solo at 60, or 70 or 80.  And not a single reason other than bad health not to.

At Baktrax we have created 2 tours, especially so you can travel solo at 60.  Comfortable accommodation that you get to yourself without a single supplement.

All the hard travel often associated with South East Asia has been eliminated also without missing the friendly local culture.

All the must-sees are included, but still enough freedom to explore so much more on your own.

No robotic run tours here. Flexibility is the aim.

So check out the link and get to it in an even better way.  You’ll be so excited as soon as you decide to just do it. And as you know by now, excitement far outweighs boredom.

Even the buffet breakfasts are often reason enough alone.

Check out our Solo at 60 Tours.  Get in touch, let us do the hard work and book today.

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