What is Vietnam known for?

What is Vietnam known for-

To fully answer the question ‘what is Vietnam known for?’ would need far more time and space than we have here….

So many things from the recent bad old days of wars to the current tourist attractions that are as good as anywhere on earth…


With thousands of years of history, Vietnam is a fascinating place to explore. Starting with the Champa Kingdom which thrived from the 2nd century A.D. until 1832.  Many Cham relics can still be visited today such as the Po Nagar Cham Towers, built between the 7th and 12th centuries, in Nha Trang.

The Cham Museum of Sculpture in Danang also holds the finest collection of Cham sculptures in the world and as such is Danangs main tourist attraction.

Alas, Vietnam is better known for its more recent history of wars. Firstly against the French colonials and then what is known in Vietnam as the American war.   They prevailed against all this adversary and their current history is looking more than rosier with tourism helping development forge ahead. The War Remnants Museum is just one sobering place in Ho Chi Minh City to see what happened. The Cu Chi Tunnels is another as well as the more sedate Reunification Palace.

Food & Beer

Vietnam is known for its food. And rightly so.  Where to begin?

Possibly Rice Paper Spring Rolls is as good a place as any with a beer Hoi with the locals or a Tiger beer with the other tourists pre-dinner time.

Then a  bowl of the quintessential Vietnam meal of Pho. Had for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other time this bowl of noodle soup is a must-try for every visitor.

Far too many main course meals to mention here but always served with rice for the most part with lots of herbs and spices to tempt the taste buds.  Lemongrass, chilli, lime and coconut milk come to mind just to begin with.

As for beer; Vietnam may not be as well known for its beer culture, but once you arrive you will see Vietnam should be known for it, being one of the biggest beer consuming countries in Asia.

Whether having a draft beer, (Bia Hoi), while sitting on a plastic chair on the sidewalk with the locals or one of the many other commercial varieties it will be an enjoyable experience for those who like a cold holiday drink to cool down.

Unesco Heritage listed places

Vietnam has 8 UNESCO listed heritage destinations that it is known for. The three not to missed ones are:

  1. Halong Bay; the most famous one, and a more spectacular natural setting would be hard to find anywhere.
  2. Hoi An ancient town comes in at number two and is as a quaint and charming historical town as you can imagine.
  3. Then the complex of Hue monuments. These include the Emperors Tombs and the even better Hue Citadel

Towns & Cities

Vietnam is known for both its chaotic cities and smaller towns, both as fascinating as each other albeit in different ways. From the never-ending ocean of motorbikes in the Hanoi Old Quarter to the carless streets of Hoi An.

From the spectacular mountain scenery of Sapa to the scenic seaside resort of Nha Trang.

Travel from the head to toe of Vietnam to experience the best of both. From Sapa to the Mekong Delta will be as diverse an experience as anywhere you can imagine.


No matter what you already know of what Vietnam is most known for, you will most certainly find far more things that it is famous for albeit lesser-known outside the country.

From the best scenery overall in all South East Asia to the food you will never see in your hometown Vietnamese restaurant, Vietnam really is one of those special tourist destinations that has it all for the inquisitive traveller to experience.

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