The Best Time of Year to Visit Vietnam

There is no real bad time to visit Vietnam other than during TET, (Tết Nguyên Đán – Vietnamese Lunar New Year) when millions of locals travel. Only good, better and the best times to visit Vietnam. We are, of course, talking weather for the most part.

The country has a coastline of 1,600 kilometres so if you are travelling head to toe you will most likely experience several varied climates most of the year.

Vietnam does have some severe Typhoons at times so in a perfect world then best not to be there during one. Although, another great travel story for back home if you come out of one unscathed…

It is very unusual for it to rain for a long period. Usually, a tropical downpour will last 20 minutes only when it is so hard that streets can flood in this short time. Easy to solve this problem though; sit back with an extra coffee or cold drink and all will clear in no time; sky and road. Although you will never need rain as an excuse for an extra coffee or Tiger Beer. Far fewer tourists during these times make it more preferable for many anyhow.

In general, the Typhoons usually occur along the central coastal region and usually between August & November.

Hanoi and Sapa at the head do get chilly from November until February. Hot to very hot the rest of the time.

From Hue to Nha Trang on the central coast, January to July may be better.

For the toe area of Ho Chi Minh City (think hotter or boiling all year when the rain will at least bring some relief from this) and the Mekong Delta, then think November through March. The downside to this though is peak-season when prices may rise for many things.

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Apart from TET, plan to come at a time that suits yourself as it will all be a fabulous experience whether cold or most likely extremely hot. The latter guaranteed somewhere all year. It seems like the whole country is on the move during this time but lots of activities may make it appealing to some.

We can usually arrange tours during TET if you want to travel during this time, as long as booked far enough in advance. Transport packs out the closer it becomes. Accommodation surcharges may be needed also. TET is celebrated in late January in 2020 with the 25th being the main day but it lasts in total between 7 and 9 days.

Alas, no one can give guarantees on the weather anywhere and Vietnam is no different. Whatever time of year you visit will be the best for you.

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