The Best Places to Spend Christmas in Thailand

The Best Places to Spend Christmas in Thailand

Unlike new years eve in Thailand, Christmas is far more sedate.   Being a majority Buddhist country it is not widely celebrated at all. There are still numerous choices though on the best places to spend Christmas in Thailand.

Although always remember that it is the peak of the tourist high season so prices will rise and booking early is a must. The weather is cooler and even more so in the north making it even more attractive to many.


Bangkok is never dull or boring so any time of year is a good time to visit one of the worlds most visited cities.   It won’t take long for you to see why. The 25th is not a public holiday so all the regular attractions are open as usual.

You will still know it is Christmas time early on with the malls playing Christmas tunes weeks before as well as seemingly in competition with each other for the biggest and most spectacular Christmas tree.

There are many Christian churches in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand for those wishing to attend a service.

Most of the bigger hotels at least will have lavish Christmas eve dinners as well as Christmas day lunch and dinner.  Some of these are compulsory and must be paid for as part of the room. So if you want some amazing food choices these would be one of the best places to spend Christmas in Thailand.

Likewise many of the other main tourist-oriented hotels all over the country.

If you like the buzz of a busy tourist destination for Christmas then being in Bangkok would be an excellent choice.

Chiang Mai

Possibly even better than Bangkok would be Chiang Mai.  Still very busy and hectic with tourists en mass it is not quite as full on a cultural shock as Bangkok can be for some.

Very rare for any visitor not to love Chiang Mai. Far more relaxed but every bit as fascinating as Bangkok.

Hua Hin or Prachuap Khiri Khan

These two seaside destinations are only a few kilometres apart but are very different.   Either could be the best place to spend Christmas in Thailand depending on whether you want the full-on tourist experience or a more local experience.

Hua Hin is one of the major seaside tourist destinations in the kingdom.   There is a full range of accommodation from hostels to luxury hotels. With one of the best night markets for seafood in Thailand, a lovely beach and lots of nightlife what’s not to like.  Fully geared up to international tourism.

Unlike its nearby neighbour, Prachuap Khiri Khan is a minnow when it comes to tourism.  Nothing more than 3 star means a truly local experience. Can you imagine sitting beside the hotel pool overlooking some of the most beautiful coastal scenery anywhere?   Sip your cool pre-dinner drink before heading down to the evening market for dinner with the locals. Nowhere near the range of food as Hua Hin but nowhere near the prices either.


No matter what destination you choose as the best place to spend Christmas in Thailand it will be both enjoyable and memorable.  There is everything from budget to luxury. From international cuisine, to pure Thai food like you will never see outside the kingdom. Tourist restaurants or the far better local markets. A real Thai meal for Christmas will be the more memorable.  Forget the turkey for once and go local. Plenty of liquid pleasure at every turn, exactly the same as back home also.

At a fraction of the price when in that local setting makes it even better again.

Whether surrounded by tourists or locals it will no doubt be the best place in Thailand to spend Christmas for you. Enjoy.

Baktrax can make it all happen for you in the majority of the 77 Thai provinces depending on what you require.  Regular tours or custom made.

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