Thailand: Undiscovered Baktrax Destinations

Bangkok is the worlds second most visited city after Hong Kong. With good reason obviously. A fascinating place where the tourists attractions are amazing and where you can still experience life with the locals. After Bangkok most visitors go to only 5 of the other 76 provinces. These being Chonburi (Pattaya), Surathani, (Koh Samui, Koh Tao and  Koh Pang Ngan; Chiang Mai and the obvious one of Phuket.

I have been to 74 of the 77 with the only three not visited being two of the unsafe ones on the Malaysian border and Phuket. I have never been to Pattaya either but rather to two of the other lesser known districts of Chonburi.

The reason I travel is all about seeing other cultures. Sure I want to see some of the tourist attractions also but it is the local way of life I am fascinated with.  To do this you must get away from the more famous destinations. Luckily for those like minded travelers there are plenty in Thailand which rarely see a Falang, (Foreigner).

Baktrax travel to the following on the regular tours. Obviously  they are some of our favorite places in Thailand.

THINK: Local markets, bigger than the usual  smiles from the locals and local prices. Would you pay 500% more for a beer back home? So why do it in another country? Baktrax don’t visit places that partake in this game.

  1. Mukdaharn.
  2. Roi Et.
  3. Chai Naat.
  4. Ratchaburi
  5. Phetchaburi
  6. Prachuap Khiri Khan.  ( Not the district of Hua Hin).
  7. Khon Kaen. ( away from the ex pat and other tourist areas).
  8. Kalasin.
  9. Phitsanulok.
  10. Samut Songkram.

It is unlikely you will see more than one or two other tourists if any at all as you stroll around the above towns or sit with the locals for the best real Thai food in a local market. Grab a beer at 7/11 and simply ENJOY with the atmosphere being unlike anything back home.

Want to get even further off the baktrax then there are still another 50 or more Thailand truly undiscovered destinations. Baktrax can put together custom made tours to any these or with a mix of the more visited areas . Think Isaan, (North East), or Central Thailand for the most part. Truly wonderful travel experiences. There are exceptions also. Chiang Mai sees mass tourism but still retains its’ local charms unlike some of the others. There are only about 8 places we do not go to. Thailand is far better on the baktrax.

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