Everything you need to know about Nha Trang Islands

Everything you need to know about Nha Trang Islands

A boat trip off Nha Trang is the most relaxing and interesting way to explore the nearby Nha Trang islands of Vietnam.  The must-do for most visitors. Nha Trang is the beach and island capital, (71), of Vietnam for locals and tourists alike.

The long white sand city beach with clear water has some of these scenic Islands in the background to complete the picture. Many of the Nha Trang islands are inhabited and make for enjoyable exploration on a day tour.

Hon Mieu or Tri Nguyen Island (inhabited)

Most day tour boats visit this island which has an outdoor aquarium with over 40 species mainly for breeding purposes.

The aquarium is in the shape of a pirate and is surrounded by large concrete structures of giant shrimps and toothy sharks.  Climb to the top of the ship for some island views.

This island is located 5 kilometres southeast of Nha Trang.

Hon Tre or Bamboo Island (inhabited)

Hon Tre is the largest of all the 71. Nha Trang offshore islands.  It has a large aquarium as well as an amusement park and even a shopping mall.

Luckily,  even with its development nature lovers can still hike up Hon Tre mountain or swim in its relaxing Bay Lagoon away from the busy town centre.

A ten-minute cable car ride takes you from the port on arrival to the amusement park if that’s your target.

Hon Mun or Ebony Island (inhabited)

This island is best known for great snorkelling.

Among the clear blue waters and coral reefs are abundant tropical fish with the possibility of spotting sea turtles, crabs and lobster.

The island gets its name from the ebony black caves under the high cliffs.  If you are there at the right time of year you may see migrating swallows emerge from these caves.

Fresh seafood vendors on the beach will replenish the tummies of any tired adventure seekers.

Hon Lao or Monkey Island (inhabited)

As its name suggests it has a large monkey population that is a big hit with tourists, with apparently over 1,200 of them.

Do not handle them or feed them as many do as they are dangerous wild animals with nasty bites. They are also pickpockets so make sure your camera, pens or other belongings are secured at all times.

This island is also a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful coral and other sea creatures. These can be seen during a dive trip or snorkelling. The beach here has calmer water and is ideal for the family group.

Other entertainment and recreational activities to enjoy  are sea bathing, boat or car racing, horse riding, fishing, flowers, birds and golden fish parks,

Long Son Pagoda

Another of Nha Trang’s more impressive sites is the Long Son Pagoda which was built in the late 19th century and has resident monks.

On top of the hill behind the pagoda is a large white Buddha that can be seen all over the city.  The Pagoda is on the northeastern edge of town, a cheap taxi ride away.

Oceanographic Institute

About 6 kilometres south of town this institute was founded in 1923 and is open to the public.  There is an aquarium of 23 tanks containing many colourful ocean species.

Another section has more than 50,000 dead specimens of sea species including birds, fish, and other creatures preserved in glass jars.

Khanh Hoa Museum

This small but interesting museum contains some Cham sculptures and costumes and well as other artifacts from the minority groups in the province.   The Uncle Ho room also has some of Ho Chi Minh’s personal belonging

Ph Nagar Cham Towers

The  Po Nagar Cham Towers were built between the 7th & 12th centuries as places of Hindu worship. These towers have been of continuous religious importance and are still visited today by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists to pray and make merit. The towers are 2 kilometres north of the city by the seaside.


The best way to experience Nha Trang island life is with a full day boat trip with a local operator. Swim, snorkel and enjoy an onboard lunch while exploring some local villages on an island stop.

It really is the thing to do in Nha Trang apart from enjoying the beach, seafood and local hospitality and visiting the  Po Nagar Cham Towers – which were built between the 7th and 12th centuries and are still in use today as a place of Buddhist worship.

If Island hopping or enjoying the city beach is not your thing then Nha Trang has many other interesting attractions to occupy your time before a cold drink and seafood dinner finish the day.

So if the Nha Trang Islands or beach life is not your thing then there are the above and even more to keep you busy in this attractive seaside city.

Check out our Tours which visit Nha Trang for inspiration, and let us create a Custom Tour for you just complete our online form and we’ll be in touch.

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