Pure Central Thailand: Small Group Holiday Travel Tour – 11

16 Days

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This Thailand small group tour is a fantastic way to experience pure Thai culture. It also has less travel time than most trips.

It is another great itinerary for delicious REAL Thai food and for sure you will see fewer tourists on this trip than on most of our others. This is pure Thailand at its best.

Along with our Meander trips, it is probably the most suitable tour for families also. Welcome to the real Thailand where you will be both surprised and delighted.

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Expect comfortable accommodation and relaxed take it as it comes travel days.

Expect far fewer tourists and more local experiences. Food markets, transport, history, both ancient and modern with some monkeys to entertain you also.

Expect a seaside break beside one of the most beautiful strands of coastline in Thailand.

Expect the biggest range of real Thai desserts anywhere in the country.

Transport & Accommodation

Transport & Accommodation – The Facts


Day 1 :

Tonight our Central Thailand small group holiday tour will stay in; BANGKOK – Our Thailand group tour officially starts when we check into our Bangkok accommodation. A welcoming dinner will be had in the evening.
If you arrive early enough your time could be spent visiting the massive Chatuchak weekend market and/or, Wat Phra Kaew & the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, MBK or Siam shopping centres.

Or take a public transport boat with the locals on the Chao Phraya express for some local culture & markets in Nonthaburi.

Just a few of the dozens of other options include Vimanmek Teak Mansion, Chinatown, Wat Traimit, Jim Thompsons House, Silom or Sukhumvit road shops.

OR? Maybe just chill out by the pool and have a traditional Thai Massage. A month in the capital wouldn’t allow you enough time to see it all.

Day 2 :

BANGKOK – A free day to recover from any jet lag by the pool or get out and experience what this truly amazing city has to offer. Our tour coordinator available to point you in the right direction whether it be sightseeing and/or shopping or a real Thai meal experience that can only be had in Thailand.

One of the most popular cities in the world and it won’t take long for you to find out why.

Day 3 :

Tonight our small group Thailand adventure tour package will stay in; LOPBURI – A short local train experience with the locals will see our small group tour in the once important historical, but now monkey ruled town of Lopburi.

Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand dating back to before the 11th century which accounts for some of the Khmer style architecture of the old temples.

Day 4 :

LOPBURI – A free day in the historical section of old Lopburi to explore the many ruins right beside or close to our accommodation.

These include The former royal palace of Phra Narai Ratchaniwet, Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat, Prang Khaek and Prang Sam Yot with the latter usually covered in the local monkey population.

We may also see a monkey or two roaming freely around town.

Lopburi also has a great night food vendors market which sets up daily in the nearby streets for dinner with the locals. Another chance to taste some great Thai food that very few tourists get to try. Hoi Tawt, (mussels in batter), is just one of the local favourites that can be had for a few baht only. Bring a beer or other cold drink to your roadside table and enjoy.

A truly local experience.


Tonight our Thailand cheap small group tour will stay in; KANCHANABURI – Two short bus rides via Suphanburi and travelling through some scenic countryside will see our group tour in Kanchanaburi. On arrival, your time could be spent visiting the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre Museum or Lak Meuang, (city pillar).

But again the highlight of the day maybe grazing at the local evening food market or an even closer restaurant.

KANCHANABURI – A full days tour of the region with a local operator which among other things will include the River Kwai and Bridge, Hellfire Pass and allied war cemetery.

Day 7 :

Tonight our Thailand adventure tour package will stay in; RATCHABURI – Another scenic bus ride will see our Thailand small group tour in Ratchaburi.

There may have been other tourists in Kanchanaburi but highly unlikely to see any in Ratchaburi which is a very pleasant laid back riverside town.

A local indoor evening market has more great real Thai food and will be a great introduction to authentic Thai sweets and desserts. Sweet tooth heaven.

Day 8 :

RATCHABURI – A totally free day to explore the local way of life in a totally relaxed way. Morning coffee in the small shopping plaza as you look for a bargain in the local shops. Today is all about being here and experiencing a different way of life than from back home and away from other tourists.


Tonight our Thailand small group budget tour will stay in; PHETCHABURI – A short train trip sees our Thailand small group tour in Phetchaburi.

Phetchaburi is known to many Thais as the dessert capital of Thailand. (A big claim after seeing Ratchaburi).

Phetburi, as it’s better known, seems to have a temple on almost every corner. This makes it a great place to stroll around and experience the serenity of local temple life with, again, very few, tourists, if any at all in sight.

For dinner, it will either be back to an open-air street vendors market or our accommodation restaurant which possibly has the biggest menu in the land, beside the river. Sublime western music may put you in the mood for an extra drink with the delish food also.

Day 10 :

PHETCHABURI – A relaxing stroll around town is the way to go today. Visit a temple or three and try the local desserts as you go.

An optional short taxi ride or long walk, out of town is one of the provinces main tourist attractions. King Mongkut’s 19th-century summer palace is on a hilltop which is part of a historical park. On the way up you will see some more temples and maybe a monkey or two. Take a strenuous walk to the top or a tram instead. The views from the top are wonderful on a clear day.


Tonight our Thailand adventure holiday will stay in; PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN – Another short train ride will see our Thailand group tour in the seaside provincial capital of Prachuap Khiri Khan for some relaxing holiday time.

Prachuap is far less famous than its neighbour Hua Hin but even more relaxed and also has some great beaches and seafood just without the hordes of tourists.

A nearby night market again sets up for dinner with the locals. A last Thai dessert maybe? What a great way for our authentic Thailand small group tour to finish seeing Pure Central Thailand.

PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN – A totally free day to lay on a beach or perhaps explore this peaceful little seaside town. For the active, Khao Chong Krajok, (mirror tunnel mountain), is a tough walk to the temple on the top of Wat Thammikikarem. Even more, monkeys may entertain you along the way before more great town and ocean views.


PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN – Refer to day 11. Just another day in a chill out mode. Slow and relaxed.

Day 14 :

Tonight our Thailand small group travel tour will stay in; BANGKOK – By bus or train back to Bangkok for any last minute sightseeing or shopping you may wish to do in the city of angels.

We will finish the day with the quintessential Thai experience when we transfer to our accommodation with a Tuk Tuk ride through the chaotic Bangkok traffic.

Day 15 :

BANGKOK – Last minute shopping, sightseeing or a day trip are among the myriad of options for our last day in the city of Angels known as Krungthep to the locals. A farewell dinner will be had in the evening.

Breakfast, Dinner

Our Pure Central Thailand local experience tour is officially over after we check out of our Bangkok accommodation. An airport transfer is included also.
You will now understand why getting on the Thailand Baktrax is far more of a fun overseas holiday experience than being surrounded by other tourists and eating either western or expensive and often tasteless generic Thai food for two weeks. You went to Thailand when very few others truly do.

AND! you still had comfy accommodation and a true Thailand beach vacation.


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Pure Central Thailand: Small Group Holiday Travel Tour – 11
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